Piotr Wiese - Three Preludes EP

Polish pianist and composer Piotr Wiese releases his new EP Three Preludes. Following an incredible year for Piotr (8 million streams), the EP features three beautiful preludes by Chopin, a composer who made a huge impact on Wiese from a young age.

“Chopin’s music has always been close to me. I fell in love with his music right away,” Piotr tells us. “I remember sitting close to my hi-fi for long hours dreaming: how you can even play such things? Moreover how you can compose it? Then I thought: I want to be able to do such a beautiful things. It was my breakthrough as a musician. Prelude in E Minor was one of the first pieces by Chopin I have ever played.”

1. Prélude No. 4 in E Minor
2. Prélude No. 20 in C Minor
3. Prélude No. 6 in B Minor

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