Piotr Wiese - Three Preludes EP

Polish pianist Piotr Wiese releases his new EP Three Preludes, featuring three beautiful preludes by Chopin, a composer who made a huge impact on Wiese from a young age.

“Chopin’s music has always been close to me. I fell in love with his music right away,” Piotr tells us. “I remember sitting close to my hi-fi for long hours dreaming: how you can even play such things? Moreover how you can compose it? Then I thought: I want to be able to do such a beautiful things. It was my breakthrough as a musician. Prelude in E Minor was one of the first pieces by Chopin I have ever played.”

1. Prélude No. 4 in E Minor
2. Prélude No. 20 in C Minor
3. Prélude No. 6 in B Minor

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